Profile Program: Empowering Women through Digital Literacy Using AtmaGo Application

AtmaGo is a free android application that can be used to post news, report public problems, share solutions, and find work. The tagline "Citizens Help Citizens" is the spirit of AtmaGo to encourage people and communities to manage their knowledge to create strong and resilient communities and communities. The use of the AtmaGo application as a women's campaign instrument was introduced by Atma Connect in collaboration with the IDEA Association. This is based on the condition of women's groups that have not had campaign media that are massive enough to gain access to knowledge and share information related to the activities of women's groups and surrounding environmental conditions.

The target of this collaboration is that more and more community groups, especially women, are exposed to the AtmaGo application. In addition, women can optimize this application as a media campaign to voice aspirations, share information, promote products and manage knowledge to become strong and independent individuals and groups. The AtmaGo application has been introduced to all regions through workshop activities covering Bantul, Kulon Progo, Sleman district and Yogyakarta province. This workshop involved women from various group representatives such as small and micro enterprise groups, Village Information System managers, disability groups, youth groups, village officials, NGOs engaged in health issues, protection of women and children, farmer groups, slave laborers, etc. The involvement of various types of groups is expected to be able to disseminate the use and use of the AtmaGo application to women with multiple backgrounds. This program also encourage women to make public expose how media literacy can empowering women by making videos of impact based on AtmaGo users and how the use of AtmaGo has improved their lives.



September 2018 – December 2018